Best Edinburgh Bookstores

Being an English major I love to read. I love the feel of books and I absolutely adore great bookstores. They're dangerous for me as I buy too many books but I always seek them out for comfort. Here is a list of my favorite bookstores that I've discover so far in Edinburgh: Blackwell's Blackwell's might… Continue reading Best Edinburgh Bookstores


A Day in St Andrews

We woke up in St Andrews to a cold and windy rain. My parents were supposed to play golf on the Jubilee Course, but the conditions were not looking good. We got breakfast at our hotel, where I of course had the Scottish porridge again. While still good, it was not the best that I'd… Continue reading A Day in St Andrews

Drive to St. Andrews

This'll be a really short post as this day was mainly driving. Apologies also for the lack of photos, this wasn't much of a scenery day either. My only photo is the image above which I captured through the car window as we were driving by some mountains. After breakfast we checked out of our… Continue reading Drive to St. Andrews

Skye Day 2

We woke up to have breakfast at 8 so we could set out and start seeing the sights early. It was raining and overcast, but it wasn't too bad. Today we were to do the Trotternish Loop around the northeast peninsula of Skye. It takes you right by the majority of the big tourist spots and… Continue reading Skye Day 2

Eilean Donan and Skye Day 1

After waking up in our comfortably great bed and breakfast, we had breakfast made by Sue, the wife and co-owner of Spean Lodge. I had Scottish Porridge (oatmeal that's perfect for the wet Scottish days) and fruit. They offered many more options where my mom had scrambled eggs with salmon and my stepdad tried their… Continue reading Eilean Donan and Skye Day 1

Kelpies and Doune Castle

After a restful night at the adorable and comfortable 24 Royal Terrace (the address and name of the hotel) in Edinburgh, they also had the best porridge/oatmeal that I've had, my parents and I took a cab to the airport to pick up our rental car. There was a little difficulty in getting a working… Continue reading Kelpies and Doune Castle

The Rents Are Here

Hey lovies (I like calling people lovies. I don't know where it came from but I do, so you're now my lovies), here's an update on letting you know what's to come. As many of you might know from reading my bio, I am currently studying at the University of Edinburgh. I have a week break… Continue reading The Rents Are Here


Edinburgh is a beautiful and historic city. It's the capital of Scotland and is commonly known as the birthplace of Harry Potter. It has also been rated one of the safest cities in the U.K. which made my parents and grandparents very happy for I was originally supposed to study abroad in Paris and they told… Continue reading Edinburgh