My True Study Abroad Tips

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity that I believe everybody should take if they can. As I experience it I've been reflecting on what I wish I'd done better or what I'm glad I did. Some of these might be obvious suggestions, but it's good to have a collected list of things to prepare for. Research… Continue reading My True Study Abroad Tips


Paris In A Post

I'm so sorry I messed up my posting schedule because I had to write an essay for my Scottish Literature class. Getting back on track though! Overall I loved my Paris trip. However, I felt like there was so much more of it left for me to see! My Hostel: It was overall fine. Having… Continue reading Paris In A Post

My Last Rainy Day in Paris

Paris Day 3 While the picture above might suggest a good weather day, I still woke up to rain. And it was supposed to be raining until about 4pm. Can't control the weather though! After breakfast I checked out and my hostel allowed me to store my heavy backpack in their luggage room until my flight.… Continue reading My Last Rainy Day in Paris

A Rainy Day in Paris

Paris Day 2 I woke up to rain. Checked the weather and it was supposed to be raining nonstop till 5pm. What can you do though? I wasn't going to let this stop me from experiencing the city and so I just made sure to dress warmly. My hostel's breakfast consisted of half a baguette,… Continue reading A Rainy Day in Paris

First Parisian Night

My Paris trip was another solo one! My parents were concerned since it's a city that has been in the news a lot about terrorism and so they weren't happy that I was going to be alone in this city. I had also heard a lot about scams and pickpockets that tourists will often fall… Continue reading First Parisian Night

That Other Time I Went to France

I'm traveling to Paris this weekend and its brought up some memories of my first trip to France. I was about five or six and since I was very young, the events where I had strong emotions left me with my only memories. Thus, I have exactly four memories of my first time in France.… Continue reading That Other Time I Went to France