My Last Rainy Day in Paris

Paris Day 3

While the picture above might suggest a good weather day, I still woke up to rain. And it was supposed to be raining until about 4pm. Can’t control the weather though!

After breakfast I checked out and my hostel allowed me to store my heavy backpack in their luggage room until my flight.

My plan for this day was to start with going to the top of Notre Dame’s towers. When I got there though it was a forty minute wait and I really did not want to wait in the rain. As I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to skip it. I went inside the church instead.

It’s free to go inside by the way! Your bag will be looked into and I did see some people with their suitcases trying to go in and they were turned away. Don’t bring your suitcase to go into a church!


While a beautiful church, I was a little annoyed with how they let people in when a service was going on. People were there for mass and listening to the priest (who was preaching in French!) while tourists were walking around them with camera flashes going off.

If I knew a service was going on, I wouldn’t have gone in. I found it so obnoxious and I did my best to be quiet and respectful to not disturb the worshippers.

In Reykjavik, Hallgrímskirkja was closed to tourists when a service was going on and everybody respected that. I felt so bad for the people in Notre Dame. Please guys just be respectful, no matter what religion is being practiced.

Anyways, you can also see what’s supposed to be the crown of thorns worn by Jesus here on the first Friday of the month or every Friday during the time of Lent. Notre Dame had closed by the time I arrived in Paris on Friday so I could not see it.

Next I was going to go to Trocadero for what’s supposed to be a great view of the Eiffel Tower and possibly a croissant as a snack.

Trocadero has its own metro stop, but it was closed when I tried to go. I only learned that when the metro blew past my stop and I had to get off at the next one. It was just a ten minute walk though so it wasn’t much of an annoyance. It also got me to check out a different part of Paris that I hadn’t planned to.

I used the metro a lot because it was raining so much, but I highly suggest doing some random wandering. Go outside of the tourists sites occasionally.

There was some kind of event or rally that people were setting up for at Trocadero and there were a bunch of armed security. I could still walk in but there were also some French reporters broadcasting, which was cool. An election was going on apparently so I think it was a political rally they were setting up for.

Side note: It was also fashion week while I was there, but I never saw a single thing of it! Sophie Turner, who is absolutely beautiful, was at the Louvre for a show after I left Paris and I died.

Back to Trocadero:

Unfortunately, the preparations also meant that they had blocked off where you could walk up.


I got this photo, but I couldn’t get any closer as you can see the fencing. It’s a great place to get a full picture of you with the Eiffel Tower though! I just had some bad luck 😦

Next up was making my way to Montmartre!

It’s more in the northern part of the city, but worth the extra effort getting to.

The Sacré-Couer Basilica is also located here on top of the hill.

Montmartre is supposed to be an amazing area full of artists and quintessentially Paris. Now it was still raining for me so there were no street sellers out really or people hanging outside much.

This has also been said to have become a really touristy area now though where it’s no longer as authentic. However, if you wander away from the center of it right at the base of the basilica, you can get away from those touristy parts.

I cannot speak from direct experience here because I did not have much time before my flight to truly spend the necessary time. It was also so rainy so there weren’t many people out and about.

My sister visited though and it was her favorite part of Paris. Allow yourself to get a little lost (with a just-in-case map in your bag of course!).

I attended an all-girls Sacred Heart high school in the US and so we’d been deeply educated on the Sacred Heart Order. It’s meant to be dedicated to the loving and sympathetic Jesus. While I’m not very religious and high school might not be my favorite years, these ideas do mean a lot to me. It’s an order with schools all over the world and I know that if I’m ever in trouble I can go to one of them and they will help me.

Thus, this church meant more to me than Notre Dame. It’s about acceptance more than anything else and I want that mindset in my life. It’s a beautiful church and free for you to check out.


You can also get a good view of Paris from here:


It’s at the top of a bunch of stairs, but if you bought the Carte Mobilis pass you can take the little lift! (You can probably use another kind of tourist pass, I just know for sure that the Carte Mobilis one works, because it’s what I used.)

Going down!

I grabbed lunch in Montmartre and my French waiter told me I had the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen, which was a nice compliment 🙂

Eventually after buying a few more macaroons, I had to make my way back to my hostel to pick up my bag and go to the airport.

I wish I’d had even just one more hour though because one of my friends was in Paris on a train layover for like an hour and I could’ve met up with him! But he was in the north part and I was in the south so by the time he contacted me neither of us had enough time.

The clouds were finally clearing and I got the picture of the Seine that’s at the top. It was sad to leave Paris when I could tell that it’d be amazing when it’s warm and not raining.

I for sure want to return one day as Paris is a very large city and there’s still so much to do!

Stay tuned for my overall Paris evaluation!


4 thoughts on “My Last Rainy Day in Paris”

  1. That sounds fun, Jackie, including the compliment. Those are the small things that add blush-y happiness on a trip. Last day sounds a bit wistful but I am sure you will find yourself in Paris once again 🙂 Where do you go from there?

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