Best Edinburgh Bookstores

Being an English major I love to read. I love the feel of books and I absolutely adore great bookstores. They’re dangerous for me as I buy too many books but I always seek them out for comfort.

Here is a list of my favorite bookstores that I’ve discover so far in Edinburgh:


Photo taken from google

Blackwell’s might be retail price and a chain store, but when I compare it to America’s chain bookstores, it’s amazing. Books are less expensive here and they do great deals where if you buy a book, you get the second free. There are also three for two deals and a great selection. Plus it’s connected to a Caffè Nero so you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea as you check out your new purchases.

Till’s Bookshop


While I’m not as familiar with Till’s, it has a great vibe to it. The shelves go all the way up the walls and are filled to the brim with books. It’s the type of bookstore that you have to dedicate a couple hours to in order to explore all the shelves. I love being surrounded by books so Till’s is amazing for that!

Word Power Books

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I walked by Word Power Books on my way to class at least fifteen times before I finally went in. Each time I’d passed I would peek in and see Russian literature books, one of my interests, and I would want to go in. When I finally did go in, it was a little overwhelming. They have a lot of books about activism and there’s some awesome feminist cards for sale. It’s a bookstore that will make you feel the need to go out and change the world. They sell some really interesting books and so if you’re looking for an enlightening read, this would be a good place to go.

Old Town Bookshop

Photo taken from google

This bookstore is on one of my favorite streets in Edinburgh, Victoria Street. It’s said that it is the street that inspired Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. In all honesty, I don’t really go to this bookstore for the books. My favorite part is that they sell old prints that are over a hundred years old. If you’re looking for a little art to remember Scotland by, check here for prints of all sizes!

Armchair Books


My all-time favorite bookstore that I’ve discovered so far. Armchair Books is an amazing secondhand store. It’s low lit and granted a warm feeling with the carpets on the ground.


The bookshelves are going all the way up the walls and they have an amazing selection. For a secondhand bookstore with packed shelves, it’s also remarkable that they’re actually organized alphabetically. They have old books, new books, political books, travel books, books of all types.

Armchair Books is right near Grassmarket too, one of my favorite areas in Edinburgh. You can go to a cat cafe down the street or go to Mary’s Milk Bar for some of their renowned hot chocolate.

There are many more bookstores in Edinburgh, but these are just a few of my favorites. All are in or near Old Town and are fantastic places to discover.

What’s something you love discovering about cities, is it their bookstores or coffeeshops? Or do you have something that’s unique and personal to yourself?


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