Drive to St. Andrews

This’ll be a really short post as this day was mainly driving. Apologies also for the lack of photos, this wasn’t much of a scenery day either. My only photo is the image above which I captured through the car window as we were driving by some mountains.

After breakfast we checked out of our hotel and went on our way out of Skye. You can take a ferry on or off, but it was another windy day with a choppy ocean and so we decided to leave via the bridge. I’ve heard it’s beautiful though and on a day with good conditions we would’ve done it in a heartbeat.

Our final destination on this road trip was to be St. Andrews. It’s about a four and a half hour drive from Portree to St. Andrews so we decided to break it up with a destination my parents had previously been to.

House of Bruar was to be our lunch spot.

You’re driving for a few hours and there isn’t much around except roads, mountains, and small towns. While we were away from the exceptionally rural and isolated Skye, there was still not much around us.

Until you see a sign for the House of Bruar. You turn onto the road and discover a sort of oasis right next to the highway.

My parents had previously been here and from their talk of it I understood that you can get lunch and there’s a cashmere store. I completely underestimated the place because it was so much more.

There are multiple buildings with a deli and grocery store like area and then a cafeteria styled restaurant. There are a lot of options and you get your food on a tray before paying and then eat in a greenhouse like structure with heat lamps.

It’s really good food too and you can tell by the crowds that House of Bruar is a popular stop.

Once you’ve finished, you now shop. They sell literally everything. There’s a kitchen section and there’s some great wool and cashmere apparel. There are multiple buildings with one warehouse dedicated solely to being the “Sale Shop.” We spent two hours walking around without seeing everything.

I got a wool sweater made in Scotland from the men’s section because they always have the best comfy sweaters. It was half off too so I got a luxury sweater for forty pounds!

While we had to get back on the road to make it to St. Andrews by sunset, I saw a sign for Bruar Falls and I think there might have been a castle too?

You could honestly spend an entire day here.

Back on the road towards St. Andrews, our GPS brought us to a place that was most definitely not our hotel. It was some kind of suburban area and not the town. Luckily it didn’t mislead us too far from our actual hotel, the Ardgowan Hotel. It put on another fifteen minutes of driving, but it could have been worse.

It was an okay hotel. Nothing bad, but nothing that stood out as great to me about it.

After a short rest in our room it was time for dinner. We went to Russell’s Hotel’s restaurant which was right around the corner. They were very accommodating when there wasn’t anything on the menu that appealed to me (I don’t eat red meat or fish) and we had an enjoyable dinner. Their sticky toffee pudding was delicious too.

I have a friend studying at the University of St. Andrews and she suggested to me that we stop by the St. Andrews Brewing Co to try some local pints.

While it was a Wednesday night, it was still pretty full with university students. It was a great pub though to hang out with friends and try some local brews. I got a cider that was delicious!

Afterwards you can go to some of the other pubs, but we decided to head back to our hotel for a good nights rest. I have heard a rumor that St. Andrews has the most pubs per capita in the U.K. so it’d be fun to check them out!

Next up is our full and rainy day in St. Andrews!


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