My True Study Abroad Tips

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity that I believe everybody should take if they can. As I experience it I've been reflecting on what I wish I'd done better or what I'm glad I did. Some of these might be obvious suggestions, but it's good to have a collected list of things to prepare for. Research… Continue reading My True Study Abroad Tips


Paris In A Post

I'm so sorry I messed up my posting schedule because I had to write an essay for my Scottish Literature class. Getting back on track though! Overall I loved my Paris trip. However, I felt like there was so much more of it left for me to see! My Hostel: It was overall fine. Having… Continue reading Paris In A Post

My Last Rainy Day in Paris

Paris Day 3 While the picture above might suggest a good weather day, I still woke up to rain. And it was supposed to be raining until about 4pm. Can't control the weather though! After breakfast I checked out and my hostel allowed me to store my heavy backpack in their luggage room until my flight.… Continue reading My Last Rainy Day in Paris

A Rainy Day in Paris

Paris Day 2 I woke up to rain. Checked the weather and it was supposed to be raining nonstop till 5pm. What can you do though? I wasn't going to let this stop me from experiencing the city and so I just made sure to dress warmly. My hostel's breakfast consisted of half a baguette,… Continue reading A Rainy Day in Paris

First Parisian Night

My Paris trip was another solo one! My parents were concerned since it's a city that has been in the news a lot about terrorism and so they weren't happy that I was going to be alone in this city. I had also heard a lot about scams and pickpockets that tourists will often fall… Continue reading First Parisian Night

That Other Time I Went to France

I'm traveling to Paris this weekend and its brought up some memories of my first trip to France. I was about five or six and since I was very young, the events where I had strong emotions left me with my only memories. Thus, I have exactly four memories of my first time in France.… Continue reading That Other Time I Went to France

Best Edinburgh Bookstores

Being an English major I love to read. I love the feel of books and I absolutely adore great bookstores. They're dangerous for me as I buy too many books but I always seek them out for comfort. Here is a list of my favorite bookstores that I've discover so far in Edinburgh: Blackwell's Blackwell's might… Continue reading Best Edinburgh Bookstores

A Day in St Andrews

We woke up in St Andrews to a cold and windy rain. My parents were supposed to play golf on the Jubilee Course, but the conditions were not looking good. We got breakfast at our hotel, where I of course had the Scottish porridge again. While still good, it was not the best that I'd… Continue reading A Day in St Andrews

Drive to St. Andrews

This'll be a really short post as this day was mainly driving. Apologies also for the lack of photos, this wasn't much of a scenery day either. My only photo is the image above which I captured through the car window as we were driving by some mountains. After breakfast we checked out of our… Continue reading Drive to St. Andrews

Skye Day 2

We woke up to have breakfast at 8 so we could set out and start seeing the sights early. It was raining and overcast, but it wasn't too bad. Today we were to do the Trotternish Loop around the northeast peninsula of Skye. It takes you right by the majority of the big tourist spots and… Continue reading Skye Day 2