The Rents Are Here

Hey lovies (I like calling people lovies. I don’t know where it came from but I do, so you’re now my lovies), here’s an update on letting you know what’s to come.

As many of you might know from reading my bio, I am currently studying at the University of Edinburgh. I have a week break now called a Creative Learning Week where we’re allowed and encouraged to experience other courses, subjects, and majors. A great idea really, but if you give a nineteen year old a week off without her classes, she’ll use it to travel.

My parents were actually amazing and decided to come visit from across the pond to see their youngest daughter in Scotland!

Thus, for the next week we are traveling the highlands together! It’s great because while I stay in hostels and do budget meals, they like to treat themselves since it’s their vacation. Now I get to share some amazing meals and the nicer (but not crazy nice) places to stay in.

I love my parents and am so glad I get to spend time with them in Scotland. It’s also a chance for me to leave the city and see the countryside and highlands, so I get a more well-rounded view of the country rather than just its capital.

Here’s what we’re going to do and what you can expect:

The Kelpies

Doune Castle

Journey to Fort William

More Castles

Isle of Skye

St. Andrews

Some More Edinburgh

I’m so excited to share our adventures with you guys because this country is truly amazing. I feel as if it’s often overlooked and to instead hit other parts of Europe, but Scotland is a worthwhile country to meet some great people and see intense natural beauty in its landscapes.

What do you know about Scotland? From personal experience and from stereotypes, I’d love to hear them all!


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