Uncountable Destinations

With each trip I take and the longer I spend in amazing Edinburgh, my thirst to travel grows. I’m looking at other travel blogs and the destinations they visit and think to myself, ‘That looks incredible, I want to go there next.’ However when you add up the amount of times I’ve thought this, it’s very unrealistic.

I decided to write down every city and country I wanted to visit that I could think of. Wow, there were a lot. They were just the places I could remember at that moment too! There were 38 countries and 72 cities and I still wanted to add more.

I got overwhelmed for a moment about how long this would take and how much money it would cost. But I realized the cheesy phrase of, “You can’t put a price on memories” wasn’t too far off here.

I understand I’m going off on the clichéd deep end here, but when we get older I believe we’ll care more about the amazing experiences we had and the memories we made.

I have one grandma who has never left the country and another who has been to every continent and done nearly everything known to man. I love them both so much, but hearing about the travels of my well-travelled grandma has impacted me more. Her wisdom was hard earned and you always loved to hear her stories about being left behind while scuba diving (they had just been chumming sharks, so she knew there were sharks directly below her while she had to wait) or hearing the symphony at Ephesus.

Those stories leave behind a greater impact and memory of her. Largely due to her influence, I want to explore the world and create my own memories to one day share (or share now on this blog).

Except, money helps in making these experiences! Doing everything she did might not be possible for me because of costs, but my study abroad travels have planted a seed in me. I can’t help myself from making lists and plans.

I just want to see more. But then I am intimidated by how much more there is to see, I don’t think you can ever be satisfied. The world is huge! How is it possible? How could I have enough money to see it all?

We always seem to return to the issue of money. It’s a valid issue, I’m so blessed and privileged to do what I’m even doing now.

How did I get so lucky?

While I believe there are so many other people who’d write better and take much better photos, I think I need to embrace this privilege and try to do good things with it. Attempt to inspire people to leave their countries and to also work on becoming better people.

I ardently believe that travel makes us more accepting and kinder. So we should all share those feelings right? We ought to embrace every culture we experience and let the world know they should too right?

I wholeheartedly think that you should form your own opinions so I won’t tell you what it means to be a better person, but read my and other’s experiences or make your own to seek out that betterness.

Sorry for these rambles guys, not entirely sure if this all makes sense.

Let me know what you think about traveling. How much money do you think should be spent on it? How has travel affected you?


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