Edinburgh is a beautiful and historic city. It’s the capital of Scotland and is commonly known as the birthplace of Harry Potter. It has also been rated one of the safest cities in the U.K. which made my parents and grandparents very happy for I was originally supposed to study abroad in Paris and they told me I had to look elsewhere. If I’d pushed the matter they would have given in, but I realized regardless of terrorist activity/paranoia I would be more comfortable in an English speaking country and Edinburgh’s program worked a million times better with my English Literature major. In Paris I wouldn’t have taken any classes in my major and I realized it didn’t make any sense. Thus, I allowed myself to look elsewhere and something drew me to Edinburgh.

I really don’t know exactly what made me decide this city. I didn’t even look up the University of Edinburgh to see its reputation or how it looked. Looking back I think to myself, “Why didn’t you do research? This could have turned out awful!” Thankfully, I absolutely adore Edinburgh and its university.

I was pretty dumb though and my lack of preparation added to the intense anxiety about being away from home for so long. I started to really regret committing to going abroad in the two months leading up to my departure. I’m a sophomore so I’m studying abroad earlier than the majority of people. My friends are all planning on going next year when we’re juniors and I was so angry that I committed to going as a sophomore. Now I’ll be away from my best friends for two semesters! When I’m back, they’ll be gone. I’m toying with the idea of going abroad another time though so we’ll see…

Now I’m just trying to live in the moment though and enjoy every part of this experience! It’s not worth dwelling on the what ifs and my regrets because I cannot change it now. And Edinburgh has made it very easy to enjoy myself.

I love the city because it’s incredibly easy to quickly feel at home here. Learning where everything is was a breeze and everybody I’ve met has been welcoming. Edinburgh feels like a familiar place, but still with some slight differences that make every experience something new. It’s a great walking town and fun to discover all the little streets and areas.

Victoria Street

My favorite thing to do is explore all of the coffeeshops here. There are so many great ones that you want to try them all and my wallet is hurting from it. I constantly want to go to grab a latte, read a book, and people watch. I’ll for sure make a post about all my favorites in Edinburgh!

Another one of my weaknesses that Edinburgh has in abundance is amazing bookstores. I’m an English major and I absolutely love everything about books so I’ve walked into many adorable bookstores here.

Overall this city is incredibly photogenic and full of places to discover. It’s a perfect city to study abroad in if you ask me because 1. It’s English speaking 2. It’s touristy where there’s stuff to do, but not overwhelmingly where you hate walking around the busy areas 3. It’s a city with an international airport so you can travel anywhere you want on the weekends 4. It’s a safe city 5. It’s got a great nightlife 6. If you don’t like nightlife, there are many museums (a lot are free too!) 7. The Scots are wonderful people 8. It’s also a very international city where you’re not isolated.

I could probably go on about other aspects of Edinburgh that make it amazing, but I’ll sign off for now! I’ll write much more about this place I’m sure.

Have you been to Edinburgh? What was your favorite part about the city? What was your least favorite part about it? If you studied abroad, where’d you go and what’d you like about it?


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