Let’s Begin

Hey my name’s Jackie and I am an aspiring adventurer!

I’m new to this, so please be patient. I’ve never thought of myself as being a great writer, an issue when you’re an English major, but I am an avid reader and I love to travel. I’m studying abroad currently and I’ve seen numerous posts on Facebook from classmates talking about how they’re writing a study abroad blog and to go follow them. I am extremely self-conscious about my writing and what people think of it that I thought I wouldn’t make one. However after a couple weeks in, I want to share thoughts and observations and photos I take. I’m not telling anybody I know about this blog so I won’t feel self-conscious about it. I can write about anything and it’ll be okay.

I am also a novice photographer (and when I say novice, I mean baby beginner). I recently bought a camera, a Canon PowerShot SX610. It’s nothing fancy or large, just easy to carry around when I venture off to a new country. This blog will also be my place to post those beginner photos and attempt to improve.

I’m starting this late in the game as I’ve been in Edinburgh, Scotland for about three weeks now. I want this to be my motivation to go out and explore more. I want to seek everywhere as my blog title suggests.

While I typically don’t see myself as a creative person, I would like to be. This is my attempt. Currently it’s purely for me to see what I can do. I really might fail and never post again, but Edinburgh has been inspiring me to work harder to become the self I long to be. I want to be aware of my surroundings and learn from what I see, which is why I will be traveling as much as possible this semester. I was just in Amsterdam for the weekend so I’ll post pictures and a summary about that in a couple days. I am also going to Reykjavik, Iceland this weekend!

My apologies for all the rambles about what I wish to accomplish with this blog, but I have no followers yet so it doesn’t even matter. Again this is primarily for me to see what I can do and I’m excited.


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